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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke

This very intimate, "inside your head" trance program is intended for those who are already trained on Erotic Play or Erotic Play & Binding. I don't need to tell you to enjoy....

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This is one of the sexiest files EVER created. This file is incredibly POWERFUL and it will make a huge impact on you. It will take you EXTREMELY deep (almost instantly) in a really short time! From there, Mistress will initiate an intense and powerful brainwashing, in which your only choice will be to listen and submit to Her will. This is a highly erotic file. Her voice is soooo sexy and relaxing… Dulchesa sounds so beautiful and sexy that it will make you want to submit instantly. At the same time, Her voice is so trancetic and relaxing, that you will want to stay there forever. Deeply trancetized, and completely at her whim. You will wake a little disoriented and SO aroused… Like all Her brainwashing files, this one is really powerful and effective. Her technique is so wonderful, that sometimes I lost track of her words, even in the short time of the file! That gives you an idea of how deep She can take you in this file. Every whisper and suggestion will be forged in your brain with fire! This file is perfect to deepen your devotion between sessions, or to deepen Goddess’s influence in days you have only a very short time to train. But it's intended to be played in a loop for even better results! Si, it’s a good idea to play this file as often as you can, to feel the effects of Her programming EVEN stronger! It’s highly addictive, seductive, powerful and erotic! A little gem that you should not miss! You will love it! It feels so wonderful that you will be trapped in an addictive vicious cycle! You will need to listen to it again, and again, and again! Please, don’t miss this little masterpiece! The slave inside you will be very grateful for my advice! :)