Impotent FOREVER

Impotent FOREVER

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

 Relaxing you and getting you down deep with a nice back massage, as you lay there on your stomach completely nude. Completely allowing you to drift down, only seeing the black behind your closed relaxed eyelids. Slowly beginning to see a dim light, you are drawn to it, with each word spoken you find yourself getting drawn closer and closer to the light. Until you find yourself in a dark room, with only a bright light coming from an unknown source shinning down on you and seeming to follow you wherever you go, able to feel the heat coming off the light on top of your head. Then you are led to a chair by Me, you sit down in it. While being focused on where you are and trying to see through the darkness of the room, you were distracted and sometime during that point you were bound. Because you find that you can only move your head and nothing else. Completely bound, feeling kidnapped, under My control. Before you know it a projection screen starts to creep its way down a wall, while you also hear a projector starting up behind you. The light growing brighter on you and now exposing your entire nude body, instead of just your head. Sitting there naked and exposed from whomever is in the room to see. You can feel the eyes just glaring at you, but you cannot see anyone. Only the bright light exposing your nude body and the screen that is now fully down. Images start to appear on the screen, at first it seems to be going to fast to catch whats playing. Then your eyes focus and you realize it's images of you throughout your life doing........... ........Long story short the room is filled with women. You'll have to listen to find out what the images show and what women fill up the room, what they do to you, and how they treat you. Needless to say you are completely humiliated, degraded, and are reminded over and over about your lack of manhood, how worthless your cock is, what a selfish perv you've been all these years, that no matter what your cock could never please anything or anyone. Therefore, it will never be used again, never able to get erect again. Don't worry all the women will inspect you closely. Yes you'll find that after this recording, you actually hate your cock because of the humiliation it just put you through. You'll also find that whenever you see a beautiful woman, see porn, even think of becoming horny...that a psychological form of anxiety will begin to take you over. Also the more often you listen to this recording, the more effective it becomes. Yes you're not scared to get erect, you hate your cock, and you will remain forever limp....forever impotent. MP3 - 70:18 min PRICE WILL GO UP Sample includes 5 parts, as usual when you hear a pause it means it is moving on to the next part of the sample. 

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Customer Reviews


This is quite a remarkable file.

I am undergoing conditioning from a trance domme and have had good success so far. I can remain limp, even at night so long as any stimulation is under my own control. Even then, it takes a while before any growth appears and by stopping the stimulation I never get hard.

What I have been looking for is to accelerate the conditioning such that no stimulation whatsoever, especially stimulation not under my control never results in hardness or orgasm.

So I've been looking at files that complement the main conditioning and perhaps accelerate the effects. That's when I recently came across this file.

This file is scary, it's intended to be. Do not listen just out of curiousity it will fuck you over. On only the second listen I found myself already anticipating the induced anxiety. I had two whole body spasms generated by the anxiety programming. Definitely not the nice spasms one might get when someone is using arousal inducers.

I think this file will (is) really helping with my goal so I'll be listening to it many times. When I started with my trance domme I was somewhat sceptical that she, or anyone, could mentally castrate me (though it was what I was looking for). Now I know it's for real and this file might have done it on its own, too.

There's no going back for me, I will soon be permanently impotent and unable to orgasm. And if this file has its hooks in to me already and only deepens them I'll soon be unable to touch with the intention of masturbation, too.

Great file if you're really really sure you want this result.