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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Most of My inductions and most of those out there, do get you near a state of relaxation and ready for trance. In this induction I take it even further, to make sure you are down where you're supposed to be - ready to obey My voice and any and all commands given. First I relax you, then begin with an induction, then relax you even further, begin to then deepen your trance, and then finally start to transition you to become ready for the recording you're going to purchase by somewhat of a confusion technique. By the end of this you will surely be ready for any and all of My recordings and ready to focus solely on My voice and the purpose of the recording. MP3 - 32:15min $34.99 Sample - Not available. This is an induction that can be used for all of My files and is needed especially for two of My new recordings coming out. There are no effects added into this recording.

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