Intense Brainwashing 3

Intense Brainwashing 3

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

This Brainwashing version is different than the other two. Especially since the other two versions were some of My very first trance recordings several years ago. So be ready to have this one blow your mind away. Of course there is a nice long induction to make sure you're down deep, focusing on relaxing each and every part of the body. Finally descending some well detailed stairs and finding yourself hit the bottom, to a relaxed, empty, state of mind. Mind is completely free and void of all feelings, stresses, tensions...completely free for Me to fill up with My desires and needs. Completely ready to be brainwashed to Me. No worries, I don't do anything too evil in this recording. I will brainwash you to My liking, brainwash you to do 4 things, and those four things are quite simple: To Obey, Serve, Please, and Spoil Me. That is your focus, that is what you will be brainwashed to do, those will be the only things ou think about, the only things you desire, the only things you need to do. Because we all know that brainwashing by me means you do what I want, your needs are my needs, your wants are My wants, and My voice is your mind. So lay back and be ready to be brainwashed. MP3 - 37:58 min $69.99 Binaural beats, subliminals, confusion, many audio effects used

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