LOVE is Bewitching

LOVE is Bewitching

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Love
Love is Bewitching… That’s right… bewitching… magical and supernatural… I know you don’t really believe in magic… but what if I told you I am going to cast a spell on you while you are trancetized… and that the spell will keep making you more and more bewitched... this is BEST played as a LOOP... a very LONG loop

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Max Headroom

This was the first file where I was became aware of Mistress Love's skills. Not that they weren't obvious before, but I went down so deep with just the free files and loops it was difficult to clarify in any detail. LOVE is Bewitching is another kind of experience. You'll be changed, altered just a little bit for your pleasure. In only the best ways, swear to Love...

She's magic. Maybe only a little bit, but that's the only way I can explain it. Since listening to this file, I've felt bound to Love in a way that can't properly be expressed here. Best I can put it is... magic... gets difficult to think too much about LOVE...

Power exchange
Finger snaps
Catchy theme song

Max Headroom