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Liquid Fusion

Liquid Fusion

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Amethyst


Liquid Fusion 
As liquid, become ONE with your Goddess

As you are guided in a hypnotic trance, you are transported into another dimension.  In this new realm, an Amethyst rain pours down on you.  The wetter you become, the more you begin to melt into droplets of liquid. 

Dripping, dripping, dripping into a pool of Amethyst fluid.  your Goddess transforms into liquid and merges with you as a cohesive pool of sensual bliss.  A lovers dance of bodiless union vibrates, pulses, and brings you to ecstasy.    

Features:  10-1 Countdown, double voice, sound effects of rain, thunder, dripping - 36 Minutes

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  • Author: andy
    The most skilled HypnoDomme using all of Her Hypnotic & Seductive Power - Liquid Fusion is a dream come true!
    Mistress Amethyst says at one point that you will be transported on a mystical journey to a hypnosis dimension “that you may never want to leave” – nothing could be truer! Dual voice tracks seduce you into surrendering your mind to Her & becoming Her, “My love”! Finger snaps, triggers, progressive relaxation & deeply relaxing countdowns lead you into a deep, pleasurable hypnotic trance! Become an eager hypnotic traveler where you can surrender to Mistress Amethyst! Listen to Her lovely voice as beautiful music & a hypnotic rainstorm bathe your mind in a pleasurable trance! Join with Her and become Hers! Mistress Amethyst’s Liquid Fusion is just the hypnotic pleasurable place that you want to visit over & over again!
  • Author: goose
    If there ever was a hypnosis session that I could listen to continuously, it is Liquid Fusion. I never want to leave this aquatic Goddess world. I could just stay here forever. Immersed in a mystical dimension where heart pumping desire runs so very deep... where I am stripped of my physical self in order to meld with Mistress in a pool of emotion... what more can any submissive wish for? This recording is very sensual and soothing... perfect for achieving a relaxing state of arousal... two things that seem to be opposing and yet tend to merge in this wonderful world that we all know as erotic hypnosis. Mistress Amethyst has to be one of the most talented and imaginative HypnoDommes out there. This is erotic hypnosis at it's best!
  • Author: origamisoldier
    What would it be like to merge with a Goddess? While I feel very connected to my Mistress Amethyst, it's always nice to explore that connection in new ways. In this session, Mistress Amethyst transports you to a new dimension. A storm rolls in, and the magical rain turns you into a puddle at her feet. Amethyst then joins you , and your cells mix and join into a single entity (that she controls of course). I don't normally do well with these highly abstract session fantasies. I never really felt like I had melted, or that I had merged with Amethyst in the way she describes, but I very much felt my connection to her growing stronger. The symbolism of this session is very beautiful, and the sound effects of the storm and liquids really helps to set the scene. I was sad to leave the strange dimension, but I rejoice knowing that our connection lasts in any space we share.