Look into My eyes...SPELLBOUND

Look into My eyes...SPELLBOUND

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
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Multilayers with two different vocal tracks to get you good and confused, you will not know which one to listen to. You will have to listen to this one several times. It also has a binaural arousal beat. Champagne, bubbles, lipstick and sharp nails.

This is a very seductive femdom orgasmic file. Hate and love are just two sides to the same coin. I will get into your head as you melt with My every word...you will be SPELLBOUND.

Look into My eyes. Madame loves champagne. I like to look at the endless bubbles in the champagne. Look into Madame’s eyes, then look at the bubbles. You will begin to get lost in them. You know you want to bet lost in Madame’s eyes, you can’t look away.

There’s no way out, you will obey and relax. Keeping your eyes focused on mine as my voice leads you. Deeper and deeper, so heavy that they will close on the count of zero. As I make you empty and obedient.

Freeing your mind of all distractions as you become emptier and more obedient. Feel the wonderful feeling of doing nothing but obeying your Mistress.

Let your mind fade away into that wonderful state of being. Free of the world, ready to fall into My eyes as I take control. Your body is so relaxed, and it feels so natural to be truly empty. Your head needs to be clear of all thoughts. “snap” nothing matters anymore except the sound of my voice, it makes you feel so good and sexually aroused.

Leaving your mind with no need to create any thoughts at all. Allow yourself comfort, I know you want Me to take you. You have since the first time you saw Me. The longer you stay under My control, the more the longing for your Mistress will grow.

You are becoming so aroused. Let yourself slip deeper into the comfortable calm bliss. My words are so arousing and at the same time addicting, seductive and warm. Seducing you deeper and deeper. Just listen. It excites you to become empty for Me. Slipping into nothingness.

You will never forget this.

Imagine we are in a jacuzzi, with caressing easing bubbles… lie back My pet and let the warm water caress your body. The more you sink, the emptier you become. Get lost in My eyes as you slip away. Submit to your Mistress totally as My bubbles seep into your very essence.

All tension and resistance bubble away. You are becoming incredibly hard for Me. The more you give in to my words and bubbles, the more pleasure you will feel. It’s like being gone from the concious world and existing only in the unconscious. I will plant an unbreakable trigger. Give up control and obey Me, and you feel the arousal.

Submission to My words brings you pleasure you have never felt before. My suggestions will be planted and your body will respond to My every word as I take over. Feel the throbbing pressure building up in your hard cock, I will make it happen automatically. When I say explode, you will find that I control your orgasmns now. You will cum for your Mistress……..

Are you ready?

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