Loop Du Jour 3 - Wednesday

Loop Du Jour 3 - Wednesday

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

Prepare for another bevy of My loops to sensually invade your mind in Wednesday's training...this session reinforces the previous sessions in this series, Loop Du Jour - Monday & Tuesday as well as adding more loops to the mix...that's because each Loop Du Jour session is loaded with nested loops...in fact, as you'll discover, not only is each session filled with a plethora of these nested loops, but the entire series is one giant nested loop...loops inside of loops...loopiness will surely ensue...AND, just as was the case with the first two installments of this series, upon purchase of this session you may listen to it as immediately as you wish, pet...however, after the first listen, you will always listen to this recording EXCLUSIVELY on Wednesdays...the deep need to obey Me lures you on...deeper into the wormhole, slave!

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