Loop Du Jour 7 - Sunday

Loop Du Jour 7 - Sunday

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

This is Sundays' training, slave...no rest for the wicked...here you experience the final installment in the Loop Du Jour series, and not only is each installment full of nested loops, but the entire series is now one gigantic nested loop...this session WILL turn over control of your orgasms to Me, but not to worry, dear...I made a provision amidst all of the insidious loops that will allow you release with your current partner, if you have one...even if it is an illusion...however, aside from your partner, you are giving control of your orgasms to Me...make certain that this is what you want before listening because after this, you'll feel My control penetrating you on a deeper level than ever before...deepen your devotion to Me, slave...

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