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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Hilary Blaze
I start with a candle and with the snap of my fingers the candle magically lights up.
Then i start the hipnosis every now and then i snap my fingers and make you fall deeper closing your eyes, i will simply instruct you the harder you get the harder you will stay. When you hear a snap you will get harder and stay harder and only an orgasm will release you from trance.

I make you respond to my snapping fingers every time I hear my snap my fingers you go deeper into trance and get aroused .more and more.
Close to the end of the video i start snapping my fingers fast and fast making you more and more desperate to orgasm. There's no HFO command at the end. The video is to make you obey my instructions automatically without thinking when you are hipnotized.
If you end up having a HFO that's just a bonus telling you thatmyou have finally let go .
16 min

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