Make Me Cum

Make Me Cum

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A femdom erotic trance by Tessa Fields


Would you believe me if I told you that every orgasm could be better than your last orgasm? You'll soon become a believer as this pussy worship trance recording convinces you and proves to you that the key to improving your own climax is through pleasing women orally. Become obsessed with eating pussy and reap the rewards. All you have to do is make me cum! You get the opportunity to bring me to an explosive orgasm with your mouth and test my theory.

Warning: This is quite a deviation form my normal work as I was so overcome recording it that I went far off my intended path and it became quite graphic compared to my normal methods.
Effects: Sensual music, echoes, whispers, and 100% authentic orgasmic sounds straight from my lips.

Release Date    02/13/2011
Recording Quality    Stereo
Length in Minutes    30:09
Background Music    Yes
Subliminal Layering    Yes
Post-trancetic Suggestions    Yes
Topics/Fetishes    pussy worship, pussy, mistress, femdom, obsession,

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