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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Mangina - a hole that gets used and abused by cocks. Mangina - your asshole is now your vagina. Ass cheeks now your pussy lips. Mangina - a sissy clitty, man clitty, a mangina A hole used solely to get others off. No more dick, no more cock, t will be as if it doesn't exist anymore. Never belonging there in the first place, so it is to now be ignored. No more dicklette, picture it gone, imagine it gone, dream of it out of existence; your will is to have it gone, therefore it will no longer exist. To be ignored, just an area you overlook from here on out, no longer pleasurable, only your mangina is of of sexual for orgasms.... You now focus on filling your mangina up as much as you can. You will thank me for introducing you to your mangina, it's always been there, always waiting to come into use for others, I have now just awakened your knowledge of it's sexual power, and this is only the first step to becoming much more aware of it. MP3 - 16:08 min $34.99 

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