Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

Here, I generously allow you a view into the world of an online submissive who is trained online and summoned to serve Me for the rest of her days...she who thought she was once he discovers the truth and lives out her Manifest Destiny...My precious watch with intent interest in your deepening daze as she heeds the call, goes blank and happily obeys...the time is are compelled to bear witness, watching her blurry and dream-like journey from her home to the airport...the plane pulled to Me like a magnet drawing steel...the sign that beckons her to Me...then dizzily off to the limo and My exclusive salon and back to the limo again...Cassandra's mind and senses are thoroughly overloaded in the limo where I have many surprises for Cassandra's during her transformation...visuals to consume attention...voices coming from everywhere...voices inside...scents, tastes causing wildly vivid and mind-blowing hallucinations...a suggestion is given once you are most deeply feel as though you ARE Cassandra...inevitably, assisting Me in luring My newest recruits, though by then, only faintly recalling that you yourself were ever a new this fantasy world I create, such unnecessary info is quickly forgotten by the well-trained Cassandra...learn just how much you and Cassandra have in common as you forget to wonder if you will ever be the same.

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