Mechanically Engineered 2

Mechanically Engineered 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

This can be used to listen to after purchasing Mechanically Engineered 2 or it can just be bought on it's own, without listening to 1 prior. In this series, one is not essential to the other. Robots do not have opinions, robots to not have thoughts, robots do not question. They just obey what they are programmed to obey. As you sit there, I will reprogram the computer chip I have put into your mind, it is blank now, and I will program it, fill it up completely, until you're powered on. Filling your mechanical brain up with the words obey and obedience. Filling it up until it's near overload, read to power on, and work properly. Once I completely fill up your computer chip, you are ready to power on, become the robot I created, and obey. You make sure not to disobey, because if you do you'll malfunction - because obviously if you don't always obey, you're not working properly, because robots have no choice to obey the commands programmed in them - that is why they are created - to OBEY. Which is exactly what you'll do. I am like the remote control that controls a remote controlled car. Only My voice is the remote and your new metal mechanical brain is the car. I will guide you in the right direction and you have no choice but to follow - ROBOT TIME MP3- 23:41min $44.99

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