Mechanically Engineered

Mechanically Engineered

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

A very long induction (approx 18 minutes) to make sure you completely lose all inhibitions and allow My voice to take over your mind, all My words to stick into your thoughts like glue, and give in completely. When I know you're down in trance is when I will start the reprogramming of your mind. You will be reprogrammed to become a robot on command. A trigger word will be implemented and whenever you hear that trigger, you will instantly become My obedient robotic boy toy. You will talk like a robot, act like a robot, and obey like a robot. You do not have feelings, you do not have will, and you do not hesitate on any commands, because you are a robot. A piece of machinery. A piece of metal. Robots only do things they are ordered to do. Robots only speak when spoken to. Robots always obey. Even if masturbating, you will do it in a robotic manner, stroking up and down at the same pace and with the same grip. From here on out, when you hear that trigger word you will become My robotic toy and obey My every command without question. Now get ready for Me to reprogram you into My perfect little obedient robotic boy toy. MP3 - 33:03 min $59.99 

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