Medusa's Touch

Medusa's Touch

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

Quite simply put, pets...This mp3 will appeal greatly to those who enjoy becoming frozen physically into deep mental bondage by channeling the Triple Goddess, I, with Medusa flowing through Me, become the destroyer and re-creator...perpetuating the cycle of life, just like the must be first destroyed to be purified and then re-created anew...filled with life...filled with the irresistible force of nature that I embody and breathe...filled with My power, you take your place as yet another of My statues...some part of you might think that you would know better than to look at the Woman with the serpentine ringlets...and yet it's not nearly that simple...I will allow you to recall fuzzy details of this session due to the sheer power of it...I want you to be at least somewhat consciously aware of how deeply I've touched you...because I've never touched anyone this deeply before and that's all I really need to say to put it in perspective...come to Me, slave and feel Medusa's Touch.

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