Mind Fucked Husband

Mind Fucked Husband

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

If you do not go down into trance easily you should listen to an induction prior to listening to this clip. Also if you don't think being a cuck interests you, this recording is aimed to change your mind. Before you know it being My cuck will become one of your deepest desires and one of your favorite fetishes. So just because you do not THINK being a cuck interests you, do not allow that to make you not purchase this, because this is a very hot and addicting recording, not to mention like I already said will change your mind about being My cuck. You will find yourself sitting back, relaxing, focusing on your breathing and imagining your fantsay lifestyle. Yes a lifestyle with Me in it. One where you get to see Me daily, please Me daily, spoil Me daily, serve Me daily, go to sleep with Me, and wake up to Me. Your fantasy life, one with Me in it. Even better than that is I am your girlfriend and/or wife. Thousands would do anything to have this chance, to see Me daily, and to be My bf/husband and you're the lucky one out of those thousands that gets this chance. You are so grateful. You know that in order to keep this privilege and have Me in your life, the Woman that brings you ultimate satisfaction, you must continue to keep Me happy. Because you know if you don't I can leave you anytime I chose to and you'd lose Me forever. So you not only strive to please Me daily so I don't leave, but you please Me daily because you want to, and because you have found that it brings you sexual gratification and satisfcation. The feeling you get with having Me in your life and what I can do to you is the most gratifying feeling in the world. I bring you true happiness and pleasure and so does obeying, serving, and spoiling Me. But of course for you to be My bf/husband there are a few stipulations. For instance all paychecks go directly to Me and I decide how much of an allowance you get each week. I can use this money however I please, yes the money you work so hard for. I go on shopping sprees with it and blow all of your/MY money within an hour that you spend weeks working for. I even go on vacations without you, and you are alright with this. I am able to have parties whenever I want and have My girlfriends over weekly; when they are over you will also serve and obey them. I will go on to tell you about all of these stipulations and the last one you at first question, then quickly learn to enjoy. Yes that is you being My cuck. I inform you that we both know you cannot please Me sexually and your purpose on this earth is to please Me, which you do your best to do daily and love pleasing Me. But we both know you cannot please Me sexually for numerous reasons I mention. So I will bring real men home to fuck, real men with long thick hard cocks. Time goes by and you get used to this, you even find out how much it turns you on by being My cuck. Then I continue on to go into more details on how our life will be together and explain to you a special night we have. You come home from work and I tell you that tonight you will be not sleeping in our bed with Me; that you will either sleep in the guest room, in the closet, or at the foot of our bed on the floor. That all depends on My mood. When I say this you know right away that it means I'll have a guy over to fuck tonight. So you go upstairs right away to wash our blankets, sheets, and pillow cases because you know your place like a good boy. Whenever you hear someone is coming over, you have a few seconds of jealousy but then you are taken over with excitement and sexual gratification - you instantly become turned on, and pretty much remain rock hard and horny the entire evening. You also get anxious for a couple reasons. The first because you have to wait to find out how you get to hear or watch us fuck - you either have to sit in the next room all by yourself listening to Me moan out loud in pleasure, you may also get to sit in the closet in the bedroom and peak through the small cracks hardly being able to see anything and just hear a lot, or you may get to actually sit in the chair in our room and watch upclose the entire time. You are also anxious because you know the ONLY time you may be allowed to release is when I get fucked, but even that is not always a guarantee. So you are anxious to find out if tonight will be the night you get to finally release. When he comes over you go down into the basement to your slave cave. You can hear us upstairs giggling and flirting with each other, whenever you hear silence you know it's because we are kissing and touching each other. After some time goes by you hear Me coming downstairs and you know it's time, especially when you see that I come down in My bra and panties, with an evil smirk on My face. You then procede to follow Me as directed and eventually make it up to our bedroom, where I inform you that you must strip naked and you may then come in the room and sit in chair in the corner to watch. You obey and walk in the room to see this hot man laying on your bed naked with a huge cock sticking straight up in the air, you cannot help but feel some humiliation when you look down at your cock. But then you are overcome by excitement about the evening - because you get to not only see Me have sex, but you know I will be sexually pleased, and when I'm happy you find you're very happy. My happiness is your life. Once you're in your seat the nightly events begin...but you find yourself consumed with sexual pleasure and happiness because of the surprises I bring into the mix. You are almost overwhelmed by the level of euphoria you begin to feel during the night, because of what happens. The entire recording you can hardly hold it all in, but you know you must obey and wait for My command. Because we know by now obedience is pleasure and pleasure is obedience, you know that if you cum without permission that it will not be nearly as satisfying and disobeying Me will end up in Me leaving you. So you cannot, will not, and do not want to disobey. So sit back, relax, and get ready to hear what happens to you and Me once you're in that room. After all is said and done you will find yourself anxious to be My cuck, anxious to re-live this experience over and over again; you may have thought My previous recordings topped any sexual gratification you've had and/or topped your level of submission and weakness to Me, but you were wrong. This will top all previous experiences you've had with your Owner, your God, Me, Princess Angel. You will be left almost paralyzed by how happy and turned on you become, and you will..... Many effects have been added into this recording and triggers from previous recordings have been added into this; for instance "good boy" is used frequently. So if you have not listened to My trance recording "good boy" you should :  MP3 77:46min (yes over an hr of My addictive voice) $99.99 

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