Mindless by Pricess Angel

Mindless by Pricess Angel

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

I begin by making sure you are mindless. Making sure all thoughts, opinions, stress...everything leaves your mind; so it's just your mind filling up with My words, thoughts, desires, needs, wants, and obedience. Obedience - the most important thing you'll learn here. Becoming My mindless puppet, ready to please Me, to serve Me, and obey Me from here on out. Even if your mind attempts to think or stop something, your body will still obey My every command. When I tell you to get hard, you get hard, I tell you when you're turned on, your body automatically begins to obey My commands and your mind will follow. By the end of this recording, you'll be ready to serve Me, ready to obey My every command, ready to make Me happy. Your wants and needs are now Mine, you are solely focused on pleasing Me and the most important thing is focusing on obeying Me....if you are a good boy and do good, then you may just find a "happy ending." Fetishes: brainwashing, obedience training, masturbation instruction, teasing, female domination, slave training. MP3- 33:10min $69.99 Audio effects & tons of subliminals to fuck with your mind. 

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