Mindlessly Mesmerized

Mindlessly Mesmerized

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 38 minutes

A Collector of MINDS....Mindlessly Mesmerized trancetic induction may give you a sense of Déjà Vu as you fall DEEP under My spell. My sweet southern voice combined with strong subliminal layering will soothe your mind into complete compliance as I install My powerful suggestions in your head (Giggles).

I am the Collector Of Minds....don't you worry, I want only what is Mine...your MIND...Give it to Me...giggles....It's ok if you try to resist, as you Relax and lay back. Naked, mesmerized and helpless. Imagine your Domina's sexy body dancing in the swirling trancetic mist of enslavement. As you fall deeper and deeper under My control. Let your mind becum lost in My world of trancetic enslavement, be My MINDLESS pet.

TWO versions INCLUDED!

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In prior sessions we have known Domina Shelle as the Mistress of Minds, as a seductress or a mysterious lady with seemingly magical powers. In this latest session Domina Shelle manifests herself as all three personas, luring us in with mystery, captivating us through seduction and enslaving us by controlling, and then owning, our minds.

As Domina Shelle herself notes, be under no illusion this is a dominant session packaged as seduction and intrigue where she is an apex predator, a sensual and caring one, but a predator nonetheless intent on manipulating your mind until you are fully enslaved. Thankfully if you are a submissive that enjoys femdom, trance, and being seduced, then prepare to be overwhelmed by a loving, compassionate and domineering woman. You have nothing to fear but fear itself since, with Domina Shelle's guidance you can look forward to a life filled with adoration and servitude.

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