I'm a different style of Domme.

A little softer.

A little sweeter.

Deceptively seductive outside, harder than diamonds inside, an iron fist in a velvet glove.


Trance with Me.


Custom videos:
$10 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Custom audios:

$5 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Contact Me at mistresschadford@gmail.com with your custom request.

($300 additonal charge for exclusive custom video or audio that will not be resold)

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

Shrunk by a Witch

Fascinated by my gorgeous legs and feet you find you cannot look away, mesmerized by my shapely calves, impossibly high arches and delicate toes. To your horror you find yourself shrinking down to the size of a bug as I seem to grow larger. What will I do to you?

Contains: Foot and leg fetish, stiletto heels, giantess and shrinking fetish, horror, mesmerize

Length: 13 minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080
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Turning you into a cuckold for your wife

I will mesmerize to help you accept that you are a Cuckold with a tiny penis.
You came to me because you were worried about your tiny penis satisfying your wife.
You know she talks about needing more. You know she is very attracted to black men with huge cocks.
You know your place and I mesmerize you to help you to accept that your destiny is to be a cuckold.
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Satiny silky gloves, mesmerizing JOI by Mistress Chadford

Satiny silky gloves, mesmerizing JOI by Mistress Chadford

JOI for a quick orgasm and an intoxicating, mesmerizing break in your day.

Follow along as I instruct you with my shiny wet red lips.

Stroke with me and watch as my black silky, satiny long gloves

slide over my milky skin

and caress my voluptuous cleavage.

Duration: 5:25
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Pantyhose Mind

Pantyhose Programming: You long to feel silky sheer pantyhose against your cock and legs. Unleash your secret desires to wear silky pantyhose and gain the courage to buy your very own and wear them.
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Mesmerized into Caged Cock

So you say you have a cage for your cock, but you hesitate to use it. How do I know you really have one? I think you should get it out for me. Yes. You're afraid to use it, but would you have taken to the trouble to get one if you didn't secretly want to use it?

Get it out for me and hold it in your hand, unzip your pants, just for me. Already getting hard just thinking about it, isn't it? Thinking about being caged up, locked up, makes your cock hard.

Notice how soothing my voice is? Notice how mesmerizing it is? Yes. It makes you want to let everything fade away, makes you want to start breathing in deeper, noticing how deep my green eyes are? You find yourself longing to see what your cock would look and feel like inside that cage.
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Complete Cock Control

Mindgames, edging and mesmerizing complete cock control with a closeup view of my amazing smooth breasts and pink hard nipples.
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Controlling you with my Goddess Voice

Welcome to my presence.

Feel your breathing deepen and slow.

My voice sinks deeper into your subconscious mind.

I control your breathing, I control your brain, commanding and slowing your brainwaves in their descent into dreamy trance.

I control your very heartbeat, causing your heart rate to slow down and relax. Descend into mesmerizing ecstasy.

Time stops until nothing exists but this moment. I will even appear in your dreams. Your mind and heart now belong to Me.

HD Video, length 12:44
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Oblivion by Mistress Chadford

Drift down into dreamy rapture, then back awake, then back under my spell, going deeper each time until you wonder if you will ever return.

Journey with me down, down into the cave of Hypnos as I, Lethe, guide you to the River of Forgetfulness and Oblivion.
Forget your mortal existence as you drink deeply from it's waters.
Gaze across the river to Elysium, dreaming drowsy dreams of paradise.

Forget everything except my voice and my eyes.

Nothing exists but this moment in time.

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