I'm a different style of Domme.

A little softer.

A little sweeter.

Deceptively seductive outside, harder than diamonds inside, an iron fist in a velvet glove.


Trance with Me.


Custom videos:
$10 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Custom audios:

$5 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Contact Me at mistresschadford@gmail.com with your custom request.

($300 additonal charge for exclusive custom video or audio that will not be resold)

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

Mesmerizing Pendulum Worship Trigger

Follow my beautiful iridescent pendulum with your eyes as I pull you in, seducing your mind and going deep into your brain, taking complete control as your breathing deepens and slows, controlling your thoughts, controlling the very beat of your heart. Feel your body release and let go as I guide you into mesmerizing ecstasy, my sultry voice and incredible cleavage and curves arousing you, taunting you but forbidding you to quench your desire or even touch yourself until I give you permission.
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Orgasmic Bliss

The most powerful sex organ is your mind, and I'm going to play with your mind. Look deeply into my eyes and lose yourself in their depths, the rarest eye color of all, green.

Follow along and stroke with me, edging closer, pausing when I command, such sweet agony as I control you and mesmerize your mind to increase your orgasmic bliss to new heights.
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Magic Jewel by Mistress Chadford

So, you've come to see my jewel.
Yes, it was found in a forest cave in Maui.
It still isn't certain what it's composed of,
though many men have investigated.
Oddly, they seem to stop wondering after awhile.
Look into the Jewel and look into my eyes.

Feeling dizzy? Aroused?
Don't be concerned,
all the other scientists studying my jewel had the same effects.
Your whole world recedes into the background.
Nothing exists but this moment in time.
Your mind goes blank and you feel the pleasure
coursing through your body,
completely seduced by my power.
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$10 Tribute Mistress Chadford

$10 tribute for hypnodomme Mistress Chadford
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Intense mindwash session, extreme maximum mesmerizing power.
Give in to your impulses, your desires, wanting to give Me control.

Forget everything. Nothing exists except this moment in time, as if your life were only the distant memory of a dream.

Feel as if you are floating away on My voice, everything else fading off into the distance, fading...like a distant memory. My bright shiny pocket watch focuses you into deep submission. Tick tock... like a heartbeat. Like your heartbeat. Yes. Your heart beats for Me now.

My red luscious lips and amazing cleavage are burned into your mind, tendrils of control reaching deep into your brain.

Down and down and around and round spiraling around and around, dizzy, looking to Me for reassurance, spiraling out of control. Deeper and deeper still,
pulling you into mesmerizing ecstasy.


Length: 29 minutes.
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$50 tribute Mistress Chadford

$50 tribute for Mistress Chadford
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Under My Spell

Forget everything but my voice, giving in completely, as if your former life is the distant memory of a dream. Nothing exists but this moment. Your breathing, your heart, your brainwaves all synchronize with my voice. Ten minutes of hypnotic ecstasy. mp3 audio
Included Goodies:
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Deep Relaxation Interlude Video

Pause for a an intermission in your day,
take a relaxation break and decompress.

As you listen, put everything aside
for this restful interlude.
Let it all fade away, off into the distance.

Pull your shoulders down from your ears,
fill your chest with cool air and allow all of the muscles in your body to release.
Let them go.

Everything in this life is temporary.
This moment, like every moment,
will pass and fade into the past
as time flows along.

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