I'm a different style of Domme.

A little softer.

A little sweeter.

Deceptively seductive outside, harder than diamonds inside, an iron fist in a velvet glove.


Trance with Me.


Custom videos:
$10 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Custom audios:

$5 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Contact Me at mistresschadford@gmail.com with your custom request.

($300 additonal charge for exclusive custom video or audio that will not be resold)

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

ClinicalTrial film SecretDrone 3D audio

ClinicalTrial plus SecretDrone 3D audio by MistressChadford

I know this is a bit ... unusual, meeting here at my home,but with the virus lockdown in force, this is the only option.

Just put your signed consent forms on the desk by the door.

As you know, we are going forward with my invention, an amazing treatment for stress, something everyone needs these days! Yes.

Now just have a seat. Don't be concerned, we are at a safe distance. Just relax and follow my instructions carefully.

This spray contains a potent, pleasurable relaxant that smells just like fresh roses. Breathe it in deeply. Yes. Very good.

You can already feel it taking effect can't you? This will make you more compliant and susceptible to my treatment. Yes.

Breathe it in deeply. Very good. Yes, You can feel yourself relaxing already. Open your eyes very wide. Oh, very good, yes.

Your pupils are dilating nicely. That's such a good sign. You're going to be a perfect subject for my trials. Oh yes.

You may experience a bit of double vision and feel as if you're hallucinating. Don't worry. It's just a harmless side effect. Yes, in fact you're such a responsive subject we can go ahead and begin.

That's right.

I want you to look deeply into my eyes. Yes, focusing on my eyes, feeling as if I were swaying back and forth.

Just let yourself give in completely.

In fact, you may not even remember the rest of the session.

Don't worry. It's perfectly normal.

In fact, you find yourself so entranced with me you can't remember where you are. Every time I snap my fingers you feel it.

You need it. You want it. You desire it.

In fact speaking of desire...

SecretDrone - Clinical Trial companion mp3
This audio was recorded in 3D ambisonic sound.

This SecretDrone companion recording is to be utilized
along with my film, Clinical Trial.

My voice is going directly into your brain. Feel my voice penetrating deep in your mind, deep and then deeper you sink. That's right. So very good. In fact, you find yourself so entranced with me that for a time you cannot remember where you are, as if in a dream.

Feel my power. You are in my realm now. Time does not exist here. Give into my voice, my voice, my sultry voice seeming to come from all directions and then from inside your head. My voice takes over your brain waves, causing them to deepen and slow.

You feel so very good.

Yes. You need my voice. You need entrancement.

Every time I snap my fingers you feel it.

You long to become my mindless drone.

This package includes:

Clinical Trial: A film by Mistress Chadford

33:51 running time

SecretDrone - 3D audio ambisonic mp3

13:05 running time

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SexSpell by Goddess Chadford

Look into my eyes. Just focus. The more you try to resist
the more you feel my power drawing you
and the more attracted and turned on you feel.
My mesmerizing power takes over your brain,
powerless to resist me.
Follow me to the bedroom now.
Your orgasm is in my compete control.
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Hello Sailor. Oh, don't pretend you don't hear me. My voice carries for miles. I know you've heard tales about us, but don't worry. I'm not singing! I'm just speaking to you. Yes. I know you're curious. I know you want a closer look, don't you? Yes.

Even now you feel me, twining the tendrils of my power around your brain. Falling into nothingness, falling into my eyes. You can see the waves fall in line in my eyes. Feel the power of my presence, the power of the sea, the tides pulling you helplessly into my seductive net of pleasure as you give in completely.

Length 14 minutes
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