Moaner Stroker

Moaner Stroker

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

We all love self pleasure, both men and women. Who wouldn't? However, after this you may just find you enjoy it more than others. Finding that at first stroking your cock is used to relax your entire body, getting you ready for what is to come, allowing you to trust that I know what is best for you and that I can bring you pleasure. Once you stroke and relax into obedience, into Hypn0sis, we begin. Make sure you have some lube ready, you're going to need it. You find that stroking feels different than it usually does. Because instead of stroking to reach an ultimate goal - orgasm, you're now stroking to feel the pleasure of it. Noticing every inch of your cock and how each inch feels as you touch it, apply a certain amount of pressure on it, you're noticing feelings you haven't noticed before with your cock - because you're taking your time. You begin to not even want to cum, because stroking just feels so good, you're becoming a lover of stroking and moaning - noticing you moan more than you have in the past, because this new love and focus on purely stroking is bringing you to a different level of sexual pleasure. Yes before you know it you're My stroker, My moaner. Those two words may even effect you from here on out, even in the future, after listening to this recording. You may even find that you will now have a new want, urge, ache, and maybe even need to stroke daily. Waking up and excited for that one part of your day, the part where you get to finally stroke. Fantasizing of erotic images daily, stroking daily, a new excitement to your life - a new sexual excitement. Once this recording is near ending you'll find you just keep stroking because it feels so good, you don't try to orgasm, because you love to stroke. You just keep going until your cock cannot physically hold back any longer from cumming. Then of course when it can no longer hold your cum in, you will explode all over. Then you will wake up tomorrow and find yourself excited to do it all over again. - Very sexual Trance beats in the background. Also lined with subliminals from My infamous recording "The Whispers." Plenty of sexual innuendos being whispered in and out of your ears to bring you the ultimate sexual pleasure. mmmm yes from here on out you WILL be My Stroker and My moaner. MP3 33:29 min $59.99

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