Mystical Longing

Mystical Longing

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

The two words I hear from My submissives more than any other words that describe their feelings for Me, besides yes Ma'am, are mystical and longing...this mp3 focuses on the truly mystical effect I have upon an open mind, an open body and something deeper...My control transcends the tangible into intangible...sacred spaces...the places you might only trust Me to take you to...let Me fill you with a most radiant and vibrant light as I warmly embrace your surrender on the deepest level...our energies mingling and dancing together like a candle flame wrapped within and around itself...the most safe haven of tranquility you will ever know...this is where I am taking you and through this loving control, I affect you far beyond arousal...filling your mind slowly yet relentlessly with things you increasingly love...if you aren't already, listening to Mystical Longing may cause you to become totally smitten with open to receive this gift...I've re-recorded and remastered this gem so that you may take in its full effect...the question is: are you ready, pet?

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