Nicotine Zombie 2

Nicotine Zombie 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Make sure to either stare at the above image or another smoking video of Mine while listening to this. Seeing beautiful women has always make you weak. You may not have always loved the smell of smoke, it may not even make you weak, but after this it will. Whenever you smell smoke, smoke a cigarette, or see someone smoking (even if its on tv) - you'll be reminded of what happens in this recording and instantly find yourself turned on - instantly turning back into My nicotine zombie. So what happens in this recording that will turn you on? Hmmmm hehe well little one why don't you focus on counting, while I bring you right where I want you. Into My little play land....finding yourself ending up there and I won't ruin the surprise. Needless to say My little slave girl is there and so am I. She does what I want to you and in the end you'll correlate what she does to you (sexual pleasure) and Me smoking together. Yes smoking is pleasure, smoking gets you hard, turned on, and you can't help but always inhale every bit I exhale. You're so grateful that I get close enough to you, our lips almost touching, to blow smoke directly into your mouth and you......  MP3 - 29:48 min

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