No Mercy II: Mine.

No Mercy II: Mine.

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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke
This file comes with a delicious, long induction. Suited for both new subjects and My pets who have already trained with Me previously. However, I recommend that you begin your journey either with Erotic Play or No Mercy. This is a very powerful file, made more powerful by previous training with Erotic Play or No Mercy, and in which I install new triggers. This file is all about obedience, enslavement and worship. Imagine all the pleasure that comes with that, as you inevitable become Mine.

This mesmerizing file is the sequel to No Mercy. No Mercy has been hailed as my most addicting and powerful training session, only beaten by this masterpiece., which will take you even further into submission. Deeper into addiction. Increasing your pleasure to new heights. Be aware… You will be longing for more… And more… and more… I will keep your mind busy. As you become Mine. As I bind you to Me.

This 40-minute file includes state-of-the-art multi-layered vocal effects and custom-made binaural beats to enhance your experience.

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The following file in the no mercy series. This file continues the previous one in a wonderful way. It's without doubts another masterpiece, although I definitely recommend to buy erotic play and no mercy before this one for best results. After an extremely powerful induction, She will continue programming your empty mind. She knows exactly which buttons to touch to leave you defenseless again. It is a very intimate and powerful file, an experience that must be lived without a doubt and that even exceeds the first part, if that's possible! If You think that You are already owned by her after training with no mercy, prepare yourself! Your addiction to her will be higher than ever! I love this file so much... If you already have no mercy, you MUST buy this file. If not, you should buy it first followed by this one. It will make you feel things you thought were impossible!