No Mercy

No Mercy

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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke
No Mercy!
This file is for the serious slave.
Warning. You will be Mine. Completely.
After your first listen, you'll want to listen again…. and again…
It will already be too late, to turn around.
Enslaved by pleasure, controlled by Me.
You live to serve Lady Penelope - if this is not already your reality, it WILL be.
It’s inevitable. I will install new triggers and reinforce key concepts.
I’ll drive you wild with craving....
You want to be blank and mindless for your Mistress.
Nothing on your mind… but Me. Haunted.
Do not be scared, it’s your destiny to submit.
I dare you to give it a try. No Mercy.

This file contains multiple layers, to take you deeper than ever before.
Submit, My pet!

This file is most powerful on headphones or with earbuds to take advantage of the trance-enhancing binaural tones embedded in the file.

These binaural tones, or frequencies, create a trancetic trance state in even those who consider themselves to be "unable to be trancetized."

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Okay, I would really like you to take Lady Penelope warning serious. There are many recordings out there which have a warning labels on them, but this really needs one.

She does not really let you any other choice, but become her addicted slave. I do not know how Lady Penelope did it, but she got to me in this session. Her grip around my pleasure center might have helped her, but what she does with it is simply remarkable. She drops you with triggers out of Erotic Play and takes you deeper and deeper until you are oh so open to her trancetic assault. She uses each and every trigger against your open mind until there is nothing but pleasure and her will. She could not have picked a better name for this recording... Lady Penelope does not show any mercy and believe me you would not want her to anyway, it just feels too good.

Within this recording she really tightens her grip around your pleasure, orgasm and will so effortlessly you don't realize it until it is too late. Be sure you want to lay your pleasure and orgasm to her feet to play with whenever she wants to... Incredible...


What can I say about this masterpiece? It's a must-have if you already trained with erotic play. Lady Penelope uses all her talent to guide you deeper than ever before, to the point where She wants you to be... Totally helpless... To the point of total submission. Once you are there, She will install some new triggers and reinforce the ones of erotic play, to leave you totally open to her will. After that, She will gain access and total control to the slave inside you. This file is so perfect that no review would do it true justice... All I can say is that nothing will ever be the same after you listen to this file. As She says, it is for those who really want to become true slaves. You will be enslaved in mind and body. And you will experience new levels of pleasure... A must-buy for any sub on the world!