No Outcum.mp3

No Outcum.mp3

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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

This brand new session is a 47 minute long smooth and sizzling seduction that teases and torments you and gets you all hot and bothered. The trick to this session is NOT to tell you that you are not allowed to cum, but to inform you under some pretty alluring circumstances that holding back for an extended period of time will provide you with much better orgasms when you finally can not hold back anylonger.

Although My main goal with this mp3 is to teach you how to make your orgasms BETTER by pushing yourself to the very edge of what is possible for you, and yet you don't cum as often as you're perhaps used to, this session certainly CAN be used as a pure chastity session for those of you that enjoy this delicious fetish - simply hold back for long as it's humanly possible for you and don't break under the pressure

*evil grin*

47 mins.

This session comes in 2 versions -
one with and one without DELTA brainwave technology.

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