Nurse Angel: Chastity, Findom, & Breasts trance Adventure

Nurse Angel: Chastity, Findom, & Breasts trance Adventure

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

WARNING: This is so cheap because this is a custom recording. The name Jay is used within it. However, this can still be very effective for others. I only put customs up for sale that can still be used equally as well by others. So this is why this very long and mind blowing recording is available for such a great price. I take about 10 minutes to get you quickly down, picturing your new life, your new day by day routine. Before you know it you wake up to it. The hospital in your city/town has a wing in it. One that very few can enter because it's under strict security. People only see very gorgeous women entering in nurses uniforms and males knocked out on stretchers. No one questions what goes on because tha males always come out with a smile on their face. Confused at first where you are, it looks like a wing in a hospital, you feel cramped, can't stretch out. You then realize why, it's because you're in a cage. But you're not the other one, you see other naked male bodies around you also in cages. You're the new one here. yes this is a place of patients, male patients. You are all ruled over by us nurses and ordered by us, some patients are punished for misbehavior, some are here to entertain and amuse the nurses, ALL are locked in permanent chastity, forced to perform daily chores, exercises and are charged rental fees along with erection fees - these all pay the nurses salaries and allow them luxurious lifestyles. You are in luck today, because Me, Nurse Angel is the nurse in charge of all you boys today. The first scene you hear Me enter, at this time you'll be all woken up and let out of your cages, taught your new mantra "full balls are happy balls," fed your breakfast in dog bowls of course, made to pay your rent on My ipad, given belt inspections, then I'll come around with a penis pump to see how big you can grow. The larger you grow, the more your erection fee. Of course you won't let Nurse Angel down and to make sure of that you'll be teased with My boobs, I want you to hit the top mark, so I get the top fee of course. Then you are all given new tubes to put on. You poor little boys, yes these tubes are much more smaller with much less room for your penis to move around with. But that's ok, you'll learn to live with it. Then it's time to move on with daily therapies and exercises. As you all get nice and lined up and follow Me down the hall, I put on the loud speaker a nice trancetic recording, to get your minds all nice and ready, along with your new mantra I taught you. You then move into a large day room, where you see wooden stocks in the center of the room, right so the nurses station can overlook them. These wooden stocks are of course used to restrain patients for punishment. Since you're new here and I think you've been lazy, you'll be the lucky one to go in these stocks today. Just to make sure you're going to be much better behaved for Me from here on out. While I lock you up in there, with your new chastity device on, I can't help but torment you with my boobs over and over. I even go on to tell you about My rent a freckle program, where lucky boys can pay for a freckle on My chest to kiss daily. Of course they aren't cheap, but you want it so badly. Especially after I'm constantly putting My breasts in your face, being so close to kiss them, yet so far because you're not allowed. Or when I gag you and rub My nipple across the gag, yes My nipple is right there but you don't get the sensation of touching it. So close and yet so far away from My boobs...what you crave so badly. You end up leaking all over the place, so I introduce you to My new special sauce punishment. Once I do that I leave you in the stocks for awhile, with of course another erotic recording playing for you and you're blindfolded. After this it's time to move on to afternoon classes, where again as you walk down to the classroom you get to listen to My trancetic voice on the speakers playing over and over. While in class you are taught three very important concepts, if you ever want to be a well trained boy here for the nurses. These lessons are about foot massage, oral worship, and the important concepts and right ways to beg. Pay attention and take notes little one, they are VERY important things to remember. After class I take all of the boys and lock them up in your cages, except you. Since you're new here I have something in plan for you. I bring you to a solitary room that is soundproof and show you a cage. Yes this is My brainwashing cage. You are teased while you're in it and I explain to you what it does. Yes you'll be left in here for an hour and be brainwashed by my I of course leave you in there and let the other nurses to take you out in a short time... ...after hearing My brainwashing and boob files over and over and over...I finally return and to My surprise you're still in there. The other nurses must have forgot and you were left in there for much much longer then you were supposed to be and much longer than anyone else ever has been in there. Oh my are you okay? Just a little drool here and there and by the way you're staring at My boobs I can see it worked very well. Now sweetie I can see your penis is hurting and aching from being so turned on, so come kneel down on the floor and rest your head on My lap. Just let it all out. I see you still can't stop staring at My breasts, so here is My ipad from this morning. Where you paid your rental fees, I can tell how badly you now want to buy My breasts here you go.... How far will you go? Is your mind ready for a day with Nurse Angel? Tons of effects added such as heels walking on the floor, unlocked chastity belts, opening and closing cage doors, etc. MP3 - 2 HOURS 7 min

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