Nurse Angel Returns Part A

Nurse Angel Returns Part A

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

IMPORTANT: This recording is almost 3 hours long and because it was too large to add I have broke it down into 3 parts. You MUST buy all three parts (part a, b, & c) and then join them together or it's pointless, because this is meant to be ONE recording!!. Make sure to get the first Nurse Angel first before listening to this recording: WARNING: This is so cheap because this is a custom recording. The name Jay is used within it. However, this can still be very effective for others. I only put customs up for sale that can still be used equally as well by others. So this is why this very long and mind blowing recording is available for such a great price. Finding yourself dozing off to the sound of My voice only to wake back up in your cage in My special wing of the hospital. You may find yourself even getting confused as to if you ever left. Have you been here since your last encounter and your "real" life has all been a dream? Or is this a dream right now? You're not quite sure, but you know one thing - you never want to leave. So here you are back in the room with the sleeping cages, finding yourself cramped in your cage and surrounded by other cages with other male patients in them. Before you know it you hear the sound of heels approaching, I am coming your way. That's right it's time for Nurse Angel to unlock you all from your sleeping cages; you all crawl out and are quickly on to your traditional morning exercises. Which starts with your morning mantra "full balls are happy balls." Followed by Me walking around and unlocking each of you from your chastity devices because it's morning salute time. You crave this moment every day because it's the only chance you're ever given to have an erection for Me and looking at My amazing breasts quickly gets you up and ready. Of course we go through this process and then see how much money you owe Me, I know you can grow it nice and big for Me just so you can pay Me more, now salute Me boys! Just to make sure you and everyone else gets back to where you belong, in your chastity belt, I then lead you all into the shower room where another nurse has already started the showers for Me. You got it, nice cold water and bring those erections back down to earth for Me to lock you up again. As you get out of the shower you see a box next to Me on the bench I'm sitting on. You're informed the box contains everyones chastity devices all nice and cleaned up. However, there is one special cage that is bright pink and that cage is put on one boy who gets to suffer specially for Me each day and today it's your turn. This special cage is also lined with spikes, which will slowly puncture the top of your penis if you even think about getting an erection...aww poor baby you don't like that do you? I only find it suitable to dress you up more to match your bright pink cage. So I bring you over and put a cute dress, wig, shoes, and makeup on you. I'm so thoughtful to pick out such a cute outfit for you. Awww don't cry and ruin all of My makeup, no worries sweetie I'll let you take it all off in a few hours - I just want to see how you look in this and I'll also explain to you about your new clitty. You all then find yourselves going outside and it's such a nice treat since you've been cooped up inside for so long. The sunshine feels great on your skin and you can hear the birds chirping the entire time you're out here. Today you boys will be running with Me and of course I have to make it more exciting than that, so I suit you boys up with some special treats. Along with the surprise things I put on you, once you lap around you boys get to stop and kiss the freckle on My body that you rent, yes that special place that only you get to kiss, the spot you drain your bank account for. Now My sweeties get to running and suffering for Me, no questions asked! After you get through with that and all of the surprises I had for you, us nurses are then going to have some fun with you. That's right we are going to paint your cages, but first you've been such a good boy you can now take off your girl outfit. But one of you special boys gets a treat, because whoever wins the "dripping contest" I have come up with, will be the lucky one that gets to take his cage off and have his bare cock painted by one of the nurses. Ohhhh wouldn't that feel so good to get out of your cage again and feel something against it? Will you win and get this prize? Now when we are all done painting you have to stay out here and make sure it's nice and dry so you don't ruin My artwork. So stay tied up here with your hands tied up above your head and wait for My return. I return a few hours later and I find you waiting out in a rainstorm..... since you're the one that told Me it wouldn't rain because you checked the forecast, you are now going to get punished for being wrong. I believe the sauce swipe is a great punishment, don't you? After we are done with your punishment it's time for Me to introduce you boys to a new room we finally are done with. It's called the milking station. Let's just say this might not be exactly what you think it is or maybe it is, it could even be a little of what you think with some more surprises in store for you. But will you get a release or will you leave unsatisfied and a large set of blue balls? Maybe both, maybe neither... Then I chose to test you out on some of the things I taught you in the last recording, on oral servitude. Yes you get to taste Me now, but will you live up to My standards? Have you remembered everything I taught you about oral servitude last time? You are also tested on your begging techniques, yes the ones we talked about last time too. Lets hope you can beg properly, because there is a very big prize that may follow. Finding yourself getting so turned on My breasts, begging, crying, whimpering for the chance of a life time. Do you think you're going to get what you're begging and aching for? Hmmmmm....... Is your mind ready for another day with Nurse Angel? Tons of effects added such as heels walking on the floor, unlocked chastity belts, opening and closing cage doors, birds chirping when outside, shower room effects, thunderstorm effects, etc.

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