Obedient Sleep

Obedient Sleep

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst
Sleep & Obey;  Sleep & Forget 

If you love that feeling of being knocked out by a trancetic session, then Obedient Sleep is for you!  Mix in the suggestions of a wet dream, and this becomes your new favorite recording to trance to.

Features:  Delta brainwaves starting at 8 hz and ending at 2 hz;  JOI;  Amnesia;  Altered Memory;  No count up at the end.
43 Minutes;  Listen to the 5 Minute Sample!!

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This session took me deep. Really deep and relaxed. I wasn't asleep, but the level of relaxation was so deep that it could have been confused with sleep. This session wasn't about eroticism as much as it was about the contentment I feel when I am asleep, and having a good dream. Even if it is a wet dream, I don't experience it with the same intensity as erotic trance. This session really captures that feeling and delivers on it well. Amethyst also demonstrates her ability to learn new things quickly, as the delta brainwaves are well chosen and implemented with the well chosen music.


This audio combines me two favorite topics with Amethyst. Obedience to her and succumbing to Her voice. The first couple times I listened to the sensuous, melodious voice that is Amethyst, all I remember is drifting off and later waking up with a mess in my bed. Amethyst's voice takes you under so quickly, so completely, and so incredible deep. I went back several times to listen to Her voice after where I thought the induction had ended. As soon as I started to play, I heard the word "sleep" in such a creamy smooth way that I closed my eyes and woke up later again with a mess in my bed. Once I was finally able to find a spot that I could listen from, though still hard, because of how amazingly seductive Amethyst is when She says "sleep", I was able to get the concept of the audio. I had wondered what was causing wonderful dreams of Amethyst's voice in my head and a deeper sense of obedience to Her. When stroking is related to forgetting and only remembering a dreamy voice it is easy to understand. This is an audio than anyone that love's Amethyst must have! It helps to deepen your obedience to her and gets you a good, albeit, draining sleep. If You are new to Amethyst, this is a wonderful place to start. Listening to Amethyst while You sleep is like listening to a siren lure you to her. Once you are wrapped in Amethyst's comfy voice, you will never want to leave.


You know that moment, that split second before you fall asleep. That point where you can remember thinking and then you don’t remember anything after that. Everything after that is blank and mindless. What if you were touching yourself when that happened? What if you came after that point? Is it real? Is it a dream? Does it matter?

That is what this file is about. That delicious point where your mind let’s go and you just drifts off into sleep. Mistress Amethyst spends a long time in this file getting you to that point. This is a 40 minute file, and has a very long induction/deepening phase. I guarantee that you will be blank, mindless and asleep by the end of this file.

But as you are drifting off Mistress has you stroke yourself. I do remember doing that. And it was obvious when I woke up that I had cum. And my body remembered how good that felt. So did I stroke myself to orgasm under trance? Did I have a wet dream? I honestly can’t remember. And frankly I don’t care. I have had only a few wet dreams in my life. And the bottom line is that this file felt like that. An indescribable feeling.

This is another outstanding file in Mistress Amethyst’s Obedient series. If you like being completely blank, mindless and having wet dreams this is your file. It is really a work of art the way Mistress does this.

Thank you Mistress Amethyst. You make being Obedient so much fun.