Obedient Vow

Obedient Vow

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst
Give your All to Mistress Amethyst
you've never met anyone quite like Me.  There's something about My voice that sinks into every crevice within your mind, weakening your will more & more each time.  you're so completely addicted that you're willing to give Me your Obedient Vow, then kneel & stroke.
Features:  Theta brainwaves;  Quiet 2nd voice track;  post trancetic suggestion to kneel & stroke
39 Minutes;  4.40 Minute Sample

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Customer Reviews

andy miller

Obedient Vow Delivers a trancetic WOW!
Obedient Vow by Mistress Amethyst is an intensely pleasurable & intensely effective FemDom Erotic trance masterpiece! A new devotion will envelope you & your mind! Surrender to the irresistible Mistress Amethyst & embrace the pleasure She can provide! Listen to Her lovely voice as She uses many trancetic suggestions, trigger words, deep induction techniques & effective confusion strategies to lure you under Her spell! Join the growing list of Her followers & becum a fan of Mistress Amethyst’s trancetic talent! Obedient Vow is a most enjoyable work of trancetic artwork! The Highest recommendation!
A soft & sensuous voice delivering a trancetic & erotic script until you explode in ecstasy! Relaxing countdown as well as a confusion induction totally trancetizes you!
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andy miller

This trance is not one to be taken likely. You will dedicate and commit yourself fully to the heartfelt dominance of Mistress Amethyst. There is no going back. The vow is eternal, and yet I will come back to this session again and again. There is never a bad time to proclaim my dedication to Mistress Amethyst. Obedient Vow will take you to a special place for just you and Mistress Amethyst. Once there, you will commit your all to her through an obedient vow. You will proclaim your thanks for her ownership, and you will increase your desire to submit and obey Mistress Amethyst. You will feel the love in your heart for her well up and consume you. After that Amethyst will plant a beautiful trigger that will cause you to connect purple flowers with her. Finally you will present your orgasm to her in a powerful way that will please both her and you. Take the Obedient Vow, and become Amethyst's good boy forever.