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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

This is probably the most enjoyable and delightful mix I've ever included in any of My recordings. Throughout the 39 minutes this session lasts, you get *spiritualism*, *FemDom / Domination & submission*, *eroticism*, *romance*, *poetry* and flashes of everything that I know you love in a trancetic recording.

Again I felt inspired by one of My devoted boys, and the outcome will drop you into the most blissful feeling of deep trancetic trance, and it leaves you there till I snap My fingers 39 minutes later. You get to experience your own mind from a completely different view-point, and when you wake up, you'll be reminded of how fantastic this session really makes you feel.

This session goes incredibly well hand-in-hand with "At the door of L."

Audience: Designed for the male listener.
Duration: 39 minutes.
Music: Yes. Kept very low, floaty and dreamy flow with built-in theta waves and white noise.
Special effects: Theta brainwave technology, occasional nature sounds, subliminal messages, effects on certain words, only very slight hints towards amnesia and a few post trancetic suggestions.
Wake up command: 5-1 count down and finger-snap.


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