Oral Trigger - Serving Madame - *JOI

Oral Trigger - Serving Madame - *JOI

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
**click or put curser over image for vid preview

Are you ready to become My oral slave?

In your left ear…. you will be relaxed, induced and instructed on how to masturbate…. follow my commands…for intoxicating JOI.

In your right ear…. you will be dropped into trance as you focus on My strapon cock. (you might want to have a toy to suck on).. I will relax you with an induction, drop you into trance and trigger you to have an oral fixation…

With every breath out, you are saying “Madame take me deeper” Longing to be on your knees before your Mistress, visualizing Me standing above you. Longing to please Me orally… I will drop you down that rabbit hole as you watch My crystal swing..

Visuals: breasts, spiral, crystal and My penetrating eyes.

Please your Mistress. Follow My instructions. Submission is a complete escape from everything around you. As you stroke and worship My cock, your mind opens completely. You become mindlessly

programmed to service Madame.

You see... My cock is an extension of My hot, “pink” wet,...

I am your Goddess and you are now completely under My spell….so horny and confused, so entranced. I will drain your will and you will be a hot, horny drone…programmed to serve and stroke.

The deeper you take that cock, the more you submit… you are on your knees being programmed to suck My cock. With every thrust in your mind, you go deeper and deeper.
So aroused, empty and obedient. You start to feel the pleasure as I command you to stroke your cock…edging under My erotic control. The glow of sucking, your surrender and desire grow…your cock stiffens on demand as you please your Mistress.
Layers of Joi and slave training, countdown to cum, visuals, crystal, breasts, finger snaps, a fucktoy subliminal, original sound and a binaural arousal beat.
Madame Jade

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