Panty Boy

Panty Boy

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

I know your dirty little secret. Stop playing dumb, I caught you. Yes that is right, I have it on video tape. I knew what you were doing, I just had to get proof and I did. That's right, I caught you in My room sniffing My panties. You are a panty sniffing perv, shame on you. I bet you don't want your little secret getting out do you? Of course you don't. Now that is why you're going to sit right there and obey Me, do everything as told and exactly as told, and then I'll keep your panty sniffing fetish a secret. Now sit there and here put these on your head.... you sit there, wearing My panties on your head, smelling My sweet juices, you know you have no choice but to obey My commands, to go deep down in trance, and do everything I say as I say and you do. While always hearing your subconscious mind speak in the background. You find that eventually you aren't obeying because you have to, but because you want to. You find just how good it is to obey and how good it is to start doing what I order you to do...yes you're going to start wearing panties. Silky panties, frilly panties, satin panties, thong panties, cotton panties, fullback panties. You will wear whatever you can get your hands on. Whether it be just prancing around your house in privacy wearing them or wearing them under your everyday clothes as you go to work. You will become a panty wearing boy. Once you realize that is what you'll do from here on out, you also come to find out just how good panties feel against your cock. You realize that they bring you not only mental pleasure but sexual pleasure too. You may even find yourself rubbing panties (real or imaginary) against your cock...and who knows you may make quite the mess because of them. MP3 $49.99 

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Customer Reviews

Nathan Wincheter

This file has caused me to shoot so many times. I love it so much. Hearing Jack confirming his love of panties and repeating his mantras really makes this such a special file. More of these would be great. How about "Sissy Pantyboys pink satin frilly panties" A story about how jacks new order arrives and he is instructed to go and dress and stand in front of the mirror and repeat some mantras. as is hands glide over the satin and the ruffles. he is truly trained to love panties.

Nathan Wincheter