Princess Addict

Princess Addict

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Focus on your breathing. In and out...deeply and slowly, focus only on that, as you let My words fade into the background. Once finding yourself relaxed and in trance, your breathing begins to change. Every time you breathe in, y ou're breathing in the words I tell you to breathe in, allowing those words to consume your body, mind, and soul. While you exhale out all prior knowledge of things in the world, all prior expectations from others, and all stresses. Breathing in again the words I tell you to breathe in, eventually consuming yourself with My orders and commands, with My thoughts and desires, completely reporgrammed with the words and lifestyle choices I choose. I explain to you what addiction is and how this type of addiction is better than the normal definition of addiction. Because this is a positive lifestyle choice, a positive addiction, one that only gives you purpose in life and allows you to feel good about yourself at the same time. You learn that I am correct and that being addicted to Me is different than other addictions and is beyond amazing. You find that you're not only becoming addicted to Me, seduced by Me, in lust with Me, but also falling in love with Me, yes a deep emotional love, yes you are in love with Me...with Princess Angel. You find that this new addiction, new love, new purpose in life, and Me filling you up with new word, developing a new brain for you, that you're also very turned on by all of this and who knows...this recording may end with a happy ending muahahah. MP3 - 33:12 min 

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