Princess Vampire

Princess Vampire

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 37 minutes

In a shift from the tradition of Halloween fright, werewolves and horror. This is a story of vampire seduction, sedation, abduction, enslavement and orgasmic pleasure.

Our Heroine, found to be a descendent of Count Dracula, has been cursed by a cruel stroke of fate, forced to live in the shadows surrounded by potential danger. There are SEXY twist and turns that will leave you panting.

As you listen, think about where you might fit into the story.
Can you find the hidden message...after listening, review the session for Me and share your thoughts as to the hidden message. This is going to be fun.

In case you are wondering, you may find yourself in trance and caught up in My wicked dark world...affected deeply by My words...oh and you will LOVE the SPOOKY EFFECTS.

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          • femdom hypnosis
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This is a session related in the form of a trancetic sensual tale. What makes it stand out is that all submissives that feel a deeper connection to Domina Shelle will fully relate to what is being said and will leave you with an even stronger desire to serve and obey.