Purple Passion.mp3

Purple Passion.mp3

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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance
Warmth spreading all around, diffusing, circulating motions of utter bliss and excitement, stronger than anything you have ever felt. It becomes increasingly important for you to ..feel that excitement as it drifts through your body so effortlessly now.
45 mins

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"Purple passion" is as beautiful as "feather", but has a different style
and evokes other feelings.

This is more vivid, full of energy
while feather feels extremely sensual to me.
I like and love both.
I choose my session depending on my current mood
depending what I need.
One of the things I love most is letting the "purple passion"
flow through me...

I think the samples catch the different styles quite well
which leads me to a side remark:
I love how your store is organized,
meaningful categories, samples for each section,
well thought descriptions, hints about the intended audience
and content, and still not spoiling, instead piquing my interest...
It is a fun searching a session, matching my current mood and
desire which will lead me into your world and my soul into submission.

In particular, I love the whole category of amnesia sessions.
It is so easy to forget for you, Goddess Lady Radiance :-).