Purple Pill Aphrodesia

Purple Pill Aphrodesia

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst


Purple Pill Aphrodesia 
Cell Command & Trigger combined

trancetic programming to your body obtain rock hard, long lasting erections.

As your body is receiving Cell Command Therapy to the Endocrine, Circulatory, and Muscular systems, a Purple Pill trigger will be implanted within your mind.    This trigger is like taking a virtual aphrodisiac. 

Features:  10-1 Countdown, Cell Command (TM), double voice & subliminal recording "Erection Of Steel" is used as the background music.  34 Minutes

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Mistress Amethyst once again provides pulsating pleasure to your submissive mind as well as your slave cock! This time Her vehicle is Purple Pill Aphrodesia! Another must have perfect example of FemDom Erotic trance at its most pleasurable & powerful! Mistress Amethyst uses Her considerable trancetic talent to relax you, take you deep under Her spell, and to drive you deep into the most pleasurable trance before doubling down on the pleasure and on the trance. She does all of this for your benefit, allowing you to trigger yourself when and if you want the desired hard & long lasting effects that She can provide. Progressive relaxation, countdowns, triggers, confusion techniques delivered in a highly professional & expertly technical & trancetic manner make it easy for the subject to surrender to Her suggestions & succumb to the deepest & most pleasurable safe trance! Highly recommended!