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A femdom erotic trance by Hypno Queen

Plumb into my mind pool. I baptize you to be my devoted trance slave, using trancetic principles of my tempting truth you crave and need to hear. Reform & reinforce. Includes 2 versions, 29:27.

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Customer Reviews

paul slater

This feels like the final step in my enslavement. The old me is no more and in its place is the new (resurrected) me, the slave me who exists to serve and obey his Queen. i'm actually having trouble remembering what the old me felt like because all i feel now is a constant urge to please my Queen and a pulsing arousal. Simply that. It's what i've dreamed about for so long and finally i'm living the dream. All thanks to my irresistibly sexy and dominant Queen. Her voice is incredible and the pace of the file is so slow and seductive. It's irresistible. A must have file. Thank You.
Highly recommended. Five stars.

paul slater