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A femdom erotic trance by Lady Radiance

As you can tell, I was inspired by ”Star Gate SG1” which is, perhaps, one of My absolute favorite series, and one night I had a dream about this gate; about the moments just before entry, the entry itself and what it would be like on the other side.

What IS on the other side?

In this recording, what IS on the other side isn’t specifically space, although it could be if that’s what you experience. It’s not specifically sci-fi, although it could be if you’d prefer it that way. My point is - it’s not fiction at all – it’s very real, it’s as real as you are, because it’s what YOU EXPERIENCE ….before, during and after you walk through the gate.

Audience: Not gender specific.

Music: Yes.

Duration: 34 minutes.

Effects: Alpha brainwave technology, slight voice effects.

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