Red Dead Ahead 2

Red Dead Ahead 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

Remastered in four multi-layered tracks and more potent than ever now, slipping into a velvet fog is easy for you to do for Me...becoming second nature...and once you're there, imagine red finger paint from My touch gliding across your flesh...dripping down onto you...into spirals around your eyes...absorbed into skin...flesh becomes a perpetually blank slate like your mind...I overload your mind with commands written with My own divine if written in blood upon you to mark My territory...across your forehead in addition to one other sacred place, you see the letters that remind your utterly overwhelmed mind just WHO you are...and WHAT you are to are naked, prone, helpless and aroused by My touch and the submissive aura that becomes you...spirals swirl down to where I paint a powerful cock ring of chastity upon are left unable to soften...and unable to release...until I give the command to release the ring...but you'll love every excruciating second of it...let's see just how well you beg, slave!

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