Retrain Your Brain

Retrain Your Brain

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

This could be considered Mechanically Engineered #2 . To make sure your brain is empty where I want it. I bring you to a house, I describe the house, and you enter different rooms...eventually bringing you to the room of nothingness, the room of retraining your brain. You then find your brain empty, only filled with My voice, the words I speak bouncing around in your mind, in your cloudy empty mind. Once your mind is empty, it's time for Me to retrain your brain, give you a brain retrain. Time to reprogram your mind, rewire the connections, make sure you become mechanically engineered. Robots don't think, don't have opinions, don't question commands - you are wired to obey, wired to follow orders, rewired to become mechanically engineered. You will find that once you come back to full consciousness you go back to normal. Your mind will feel a little different and that is because it's been rewired, reprogrammed to obey, wires crossed, and your brain has been retrained. When you speak with Me, see My site, etc., you'll find that your robot brain automatically gets switched on, on to a mind of emptiness, wires automatically recross and rewire to become My robot - trained to just obey. Because robots only obey and so do you. Retraining your brain. Your brain is retrained. Obey Robot. Robot Obey. Binaural beats, subliminals, whispers, etc. MP3 - 25:52 min 

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