S'no Mind

S'no Mind

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne
It's a snowy winter day and you're home alone...it's amazing what can happen when you take the time to appreciate beauty...take the time to slow down and drink in the beauty of the fallen snow in it's constantly changing patterns...the relentless rhythm of the driving snow...the crystalline glimmer that slips into your eyes while you daydream about feeling sleepy...once you are deeply relaxed for Me, you are disappear into a dream where you are transformed into My special snowman who has no mind...an object shaped and sculpted by Me...while in this winter wonderland, I have a most effective way to convince you to be truthful in all exchanges you have with Me and to feel perfectly at ease in being as open as you can possibly be...you'll find it very arousing to tell Me the truth...come watch the snow with Me and be trained as you drift away!

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