SLIP DEEP Into Panty Seduction

SLIP DEEP Into Panty Seduction

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

This is a trancetic loop that will pack a powerful panty punch, using three triggers, double voice programming, and a seductive voice to entice you to wear panties!

Oh how you love triggers! Both "SLIP" and "DEEP" will be used to render your mind helpless and under my spell.

Once you're helpless and mindless, I begin to seduce you under my spell. This is what happens when you surrender to my panty seduction; you begin to need to wear panties for me. Yes! When you wear those pretty panties, they feel so good up against that hard panty cock. That panty cock is so pleasure sensitive that you can feel every silky fiber rubbing up against your, oh so erotically sensitive flesh! Mmmm it’s sooo good!

When I have you under my panty sedution spell and count from 10 down to 1, that cock swells with so much pleasure, that you’re on the very brink of orgasm, just from my seductive voice alone. Get ready, pantyboy... I'm going to create quite a bulge in those pretty panties.


Features: double voice track trancetic loop, programming to elicit an aroused and nearly orgasm response when wearing panties, SLIP Trigger, DEEP Trigger, Countdown Trigger. 16 minutes of FemDom & Erotic trance by Mistress Amethyst  Copyright 2015

16 Minutes

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So I don't do feminization, but I have enjoyed wearing my panties for Mistress Amethyst for quite a while. It's not something I've been vocal about, but after this session, I just have to come clean. I'm origamisoldier, and I am Mistress Amethyst's pantyboy.

SLIP DEEP Into Panty Seduction is all about the erotic pleasures of wearing panties. The feel of the fabric. The way it grips and holds your cock. It reminds you that Mistress owns that cock, and it honors her to keep it nice and close in your panties. The session uses Slip, Deep, and the 10-1 countdown triggers, and they all work together marvelously. The countdown trigger is particularly potent here. Mistress Amethyst uses the erotic power of the trigger to reinforce the pleasure you get wearing panties for her. The sensations are really magnified, and my cock really creates quite the bulge from all the little fibers rubbing up against it. If you love wearing panties, you'll love this session, and if you don't this session will make you a lover of wearing panties.

I personalized this session, and absolutely love it. I can really hear how much Mistress Amethyst loves when I wear my panties for her. The panty seduction spell just grows stronger.

beaux reves

Maybe you aren’t interested in wearing panties for Mistress Amethyst. I get it. Before this session, I would have described myself, at most, as mildly panty-curious, so i was pleasurably surprised by how powerfully Mistress Amethyst’s panty seduction spell has affected me.
Between the triggers, and Mistress’ soothing, sexy voice, this file takes the listener into deep trance and tingling arousal quickly and effortlessly, while laying the groundwork for the panty seduction that is to come. Things really heat up, though, when Mistress Amethyst starts the countdowns, deepening the trance and intensifying the pleasure and arousal until it seems like climax is imminent by the end…… then She does it again, and again, twining Her seductive suggestions through Her panty slave’s helpless mind with each countdown, hotter and hotter, deeper and deeper, casting Her sexy spell – I’ll admit to tripping over the edge to a few full-on HFOs while listening to this one – until the thought of wearing panties for Mistress Amethyst makes you gasp with pleasure!
And if you should feel like going shopping after listening to this file. ..purple is a lovely color for panties.

beaux reves
Nathan Wincheter

this was one of my early files i listened to and i'm so pleased that the quality has continued. i fell deep into the panty seduction spell many times. its very difficult not to rub myself while listening to this. i need more punishment.

Nathan Wincheter