SLIP Into An Explosive Orgasm

SLIP Into An Explosive Orgasm

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

In this erotic FemDom trance recording, join Mistress Amethyst for an explosive orgasm.

The SLIP trigger files continue in this very erotic and intimate recording. After being induced into trance and triggered to SLIP into a primed & mindless state, your mind will be led to believe that you haven't had an orgasm in weeks. Those balls are so full and you need to cum so bad.

You feel me curled up next to you, whispering into your ear, and giving you instructions. I want you to follow these instructions very carefully. While building your desperation for an orgasm, I put your mouth & tongue to work on my nipples and sweet sex. Instructing you to stroke & lick slowly until just the right moment, you find yourself reaping the rewards of obedience when you and I orgasm explosively together. After experiencing this powerful pleasure, you are left with the truth that it feels soooo good to follow my instructions.

For best results, please listen to my FREE file: SLIP Into Mindlessless

Features: Slow, erotic induction, 10-1 countdown, SLIP Trigger, JOI, slow build up to orgasm, simulated orgasm, moans, breast worship, pussy worship, No count up at the end. Erotic trance & FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst  Copyright 2015. 36 Minutes


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Context matters a lot when it comes to erotic trance, and this session is a shining example of that. In her most recent entry in the SLIP series, The induction is a bit shorter than usual, but I think that's mostly due to the power of the SLIP trigger. Mistress doesn't have to work very hard to get you blank and pliable for this session. She quickly takes you deep into a trusting trance, makes you believe that you haven't cum in days, and gets you really, really horny! Amethyst definitely takes a intimate approach in this session; it's a kind of intimacy with a lot of passion and grace. The story and her voice build the pressure throughout the session as you please her with your obedience (and tongue!). Every aspect of this session just builds on top of every other aspect. The echos, the story of not cumming for days, the tongue worship, and the obedience: it all leads to layers and layers of sexy context that results in one of the most explosive orgasms I've ever experienced! And after the explosion, Amethyst still holds sway, as you drift along in trance for a little while longer basking in how amazing it can be with Amethyst. I've never been so content with holding off my cleanup for so long.

I personalized this session, and cannot recommend it enough. The intimacy of this session just makes every echo so much more close and passionate. I mean, when Amethyst is moaning your name over and over as you both build to an amazing mutual orgasm, how could it get any better! Do not hesitate to drop the extra cash for a personalized track on this one!


Mistress Amethyst’s new SLIP series takes off with a total erotic nuclear blast. This is the second long form file in the series, first being the absolutely beautiful free SLIP Into Mindlessness trigger training session.

I don’t believe there has ever been a masturbation session as sensual and intimate as this one in the history of FemDom trance. I know, I haven’t possibly listened to every such file by every domme, but I do have a history in the fetish and this is my own conclusion. I also do love to use superlatives when I come across something almost life-changingly good.

The thing about intimacy is that it works when you have trust, in trance as well as in the so-called real life. From the very first time I listened to Mistress Amethyst I felt completely at ease in Her hands. This file is a perfect example of Her style of working Her erotic trancetic magic. The session is a sweet slow-burning seduction that gradually becomes divine torture as Mistress Amethyst irresistibly first takes you under and then starts building your arousal with that unbelievably sexy yet soothing voice of Hers to extreme heights before you even get to touch yourself. But it’s all very romantic, actually, and this is what makes the session truly stand out. She really makes you feel like the two of you are lovers spending the best quality time together, each giving the ultimate pleasure to the other and eventually inevitably climaxing together in total ecstacy. It’s not an everyday masturbation experience, to say the least.

I got this file personalized by Mistress – there really was no question about it for me. I’ve had a couple of Her sessions personalized and I wouldn’t change them for anything. She puts so much emotion into doing it it’s incredible. She really does love personalizing files for Her followers and I highly recommend trying it out, and especially with this session. You will fall in love with Mistress Amethyst and it’s going to feel amazing.