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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Hilary Blaze
I want to play a game with you a staring competition. I tell you that i will win this game because i am going to use hipnosis to make you close your eyes. Make you look deeply into my eyes and i start snapping my fingers making you go to sleep, I do a count down snap my fingers and tell you to sleep, when i have you deeply hipnotized i implant the trigger words HARD and CUM , then i wake me up because you want to play the staring competition game again. This time i want you to stay HARD and i trigger to sleep and get HARDER, i count you down to sleep again this time when you are asleep i make you stay HARD and i won't you to CUM the 3rd time we play the staring game. I have won the game 2 times already. I tell you that if i win the 3rd time you will cum in your pants, i make you look deeply into my eyes again this time i snap my fingers saying GET HARD STAY HARD and then i count you down snap my fingers and make you sleep. then when you wake up the 3rd time i snap my fingers saying i win and i make you CUM HARD and i snap my fingers fast and loud you CUM for a minute.

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