Satin Mind Silk Bound

Satin Mind Silk Bound

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

A satin and silk-drenched tease...I enchant and tease My pet with My gloved satin fingertips...dipping them down into your mind...cupping My hands to bring your taste to My lips...the satiny sound seduces you until you succumb to Me...the silky feel of your slack muscles...making you feel so weak...satin and silk slipping around you, subduing and binding each of your limbs...finding yourself prone in mental satin and silk bondage...anchoring a potent trigger so deep in your mind...four simple words...four lifeless limbs rendered paralyzed and frozen...while I command you to worship My glorious massage them...but of course, you'd have to be able to move to do that, now wouldn't you pet? I wickedly smile as I watch you fail but try so will be rewarded for following My instructions so well...watching yourself in the mind of your captive body...watching yourself massaging My feet while feeling those same penetrating effects upon your own mind...captive and bound by satin and silk and yes, captive and bound by Me...My prisoner...My lovely helpless and erotic pet.

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