Secret Pleasures

Secret Pleasures

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

I know about your secret pleasure!

You will enter into a wonderful state of submissive trance, and soon become aware, that I know about your secret pleasure.

You've been craving to be taken with my strapon. You've been aching to have your prostate rubbed and stimulated until pleasure spills from you.

Perhaps you're just pretending that this is all new to you. Or maybe, it truly is. Either way, my domination fills you so completely that you just can't help but surrender


  • Multi voice track programming / Layered voice tracks
  • StrapOn Fetish
  • Style: Sensual; Use of "Pretend" coersion
  • Cum Command: Yes, but subtle
  • Count Up at the end
  • 34 Minutes

Erotic trance & FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst. Copyright 2016.


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Customer Reviews


I must admit that strapon play has been a Secret Pleasure of mine. The problem for me is that most files take on a humiliating and degrading tone. That is why I was so delighted when Mistress Amethyst made this file. This file is the opposite of that. It is sexy, sensual and very intimate. It is seductive in a way that only Mistress Amethyst can do it.

I have often read about people achieving orgasms via anal sex and strapons. I must admit it has always intrigued me. Would it be possible for someone like me. Would it be possible to relax enough, be turned on enough, be trusting enough to achieve this.

I am happy to say that this file made it happen for me. Mistress Amethyst was able to seduce me into a state where this was easily achievable. She utilizes her pretend style induction, which I think is perfect for this type of file. She spends a lot of time taking you very deep. She also spends a lot of time putting you into a receptive and submissive mindset. It is a slow intimate seduction. When she was done I was so begging to take her strapon. That is what I like about Mistress. She does not force domination on you. She gets you to beg for it.

One of the interesting aspects of this file is the “suggestion” of a prostate orgasm. I have never had one before, but there is no doubt I experienced one in this file. Mistress starts out slow and easy and gently picks up the pace. Eventually I was panting, twitching and begging for more. Begging her to go faster, harder and deeper. I literally could not get enough.

And the orgasm! I have never experienced anything like it. It started early and kept building. I could not tell if I had multiple orgasms, or if it was one long continuous one. It just kept going on and on. I did not make it to the end of the file. I came long before the “Eruption” trigger. I could not tell you how many minutes the orgasm lasted.

There are files that force you to rethink sexuality. Rethink what is possible. Rethink what domination and submission means. This is one of those files.

Thank you Mistress Amethyst for leading me to this extraordinary experience.


I am a romantic submissive. I like to be sensually seduced into submission by a Mistress who herself enjoys tender intimacy as much as she loves dominating her subjects. This is why I’ve chosen to be owned by Mistress Amethyst.

Mistress Amethyst treats Her subs with uttermost respect and care and she approaches most of Her recordings’ themes with a lot of caution and soft guidance. Secret Pleasures is no exception, and in fact, I don’t think She’s been quite as cautious before as She is in this file, which puzzled me a bit first. I mean, Secret Pleasures is about strapon play, as stated in the file description, so I don’t think anyone would purchase this file by accident thinking it’s something different. However, I believe the careful approach in this case comes from the idea that you as a listener have maybe only been curious about strapon play and it might make you a little nervous, so Mistress little by little gently soothes you into complete relaxation, acceptance and eventually total horniness and mind-blowing release.

I love Mistress Amethyst’s inductions and this one is in my opinion the most amazingly alluring one yet. It’s because of the cautious approach that She’s decided to guide you into trance with something I would maybe call a conversational confusion technique with a strong emphasis on ‘pretending’, a mind trick where you pretend what Mistress suggests is really happening. This technique that Mistress has taken on recently is crazy effective when you have someone like Her who knows how to use words and tone practicing it. I don’t remember much of the course of the file except the feeling of amazement at how easy She makes things. I do remember the insane climax at the end that lasted for a small incredible eternity.

Everything about this file is just right. Just remember Mistress is not out there to degrade you or to hurt your self-esteem. She is out there to bring pleasure and joy for both you and Herself.