See you in your DREAMS trance

See you in your DREAMS trance

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

Listening to My voice, focusing on My voice. Relaxing and letting your mind focus and defocus, get confused, not get confused, listening to any other music you may hear and let it all just relax you..... You have an amazing and special capacity to let go of your own ego and your own desires, and let your mind stretch itself. So you need not worry about whether you can totally relax yourself.......focusing on My words, but instead of concentrating on their meaning, just concentrate on that feeling, that drifting away.... Taking quite enough time to relax you and once completely relaxed, drifted away, down deep....feeling so good, so turned on, so relaxed and asleep and compliant. Mind wide open, that increases your desire to please Me and to be mine. And you are mine, that's the most amazing thing about all of this isn't it? Feeling like this, as good as you do, as completely open and desiring as you do, asleep like you are, you're giving me complete and total access to the subconscious parts of your mind aren't you? It's through these parts of your mind that I can tell you that you feel better and better, more and more turned on by my words. Through these parts of your mind I can tell you things and make you feel them, isn't that wonderful? Now another section of these subconscious parts of your mind is your dreams and you are blissfully and willingly and totally giving me access to your dreaming self, aren't you? Finding yourself always saying yes to me now, nodding it, whispering it, imagining saying yes. You are also/..... This recording will do a few things a)Control your dreams b)Make you submissive to Me c) Turn you on D) Make you have the desire to please Me.

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